Fairytale Overlays Collection


A fantastical collection of Overlays that add a dreamy, magical quality to your photographs.



Fairytale Overlays Collection

Save yourself a huge amount of time and experiment with this collection of 23 enchanting Photoshop Overlays that will bring a sense of magic to your images.

This is Amanda’s personal collection that she has decided to share with you, so that you can create the atmospheres that she loves to use herself in seconds.

As ever, these presets are all about depth and subtlety for your images. You can see highlights raised while mid-tones and shadows never suffer. You can introduce copper-tinged tones, vintage effects, lens flare and rich lighting to bring out the colors and textures, even in the darker areas.

The Overlays are super-easy to apply and the collection comes with a free video tutorial. Take your images on their own fairytale journey and create your own stories! 

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The Royalty Collection By Amanda Diaz Photography
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