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A set of four FREE Photoshop Actions to enhance your photographs, reflecting nature’s colours throughout the cycle of the year.

The Four Seasons Actions

 Actions to bring subtle, rich changes of tone to your photographs. The Four Seasons set reflects the differing colors and light that you find as the year progresses.

SPRING evokes fresh mornings as the days begin to get longer. The low angle of the sun, mist rolling over the fields and dew-covered grass. There are hints of deep green and the reflected purple from crocus plants and bluebells pushing up through the undergrowth.

In SUMMER the golden light turns the milky tones to bronze. A haze of warmth fills out the tonal range and all the colors are enhanced. Shades of tan, copper and gold bring all the tones forward, turning up the heat without burning the image with high contrast.

In FALL the tones fade, the colors become more muted. What was once a rich copper is a deeper tan, but the hints of gold remain. The light falls more evenly across the curves and contours. The contrast is eased and the shadows are not so dark.

WINTER, as you’d expect, brings a chill to the frame, but without sacrificing the richer colors. There’s a frost across the subjects, and the ice reflects white light from below as well as above.

All action layers are adjustable to suit your unique photographs.

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