The Luxury Bundle

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The Luxury Bundle

Whats Included:

Collection 1.

The Skin & Beauty Retouching Collection


  1. Video Tutorial & Practice File Included
  2. Smooth Skin and Remove Blemishes
  3. Dodge & Burn (Contour & Highlight)
  4. Color Pop
  5. Brighten Eyes & Teeth
  6. Reduce Red Skin
  7. Makeup Editing

Includes 3 Bonus Beauty Actions

  1. Gold Tones
  2. Desaturate Tones
  3. Luminous

Collection 2.

Royalty Photoshop Actions Collection

Royalty Photoshop Actions Collection

Luxurious Tones with a richness and control of color. These Actions add weight through subtlety, bringing to the fore hints of purple, gold or chestnut. Skin tones and fabrics take on a new glow.

You can add a sense of sophistication and exclusivity in a matter of seconds, creating images that spring from the screen or page, but don’t shout.

This bundle contains 7 great Actions: His Majesty, Queens Crown, Royalty, The Kingdom, Princess, Prince and Majestic Gold.

Collection 3.

Ethereal Overlays Collection

Ethereal Overlays Collection

Use these 23 Photoshop Overlays to create an other-worldly look to your images and heighten the sense of magic. These overlays will add delicate touches to pictures to make them beautiful, moody and unique.

The natural tones and colors are complimented and enhanced by the new layers of shades, hues and tints. Added mists, both dark and light, bring subjects forward and frame them in a new glow. Do they dream? Where are they from?

You’ll also get a quick video tutorial on applying the Photoshop Overlays, but this collection is the easiest way to get incredible results for your photographs. [/two_third_last]

Collection 4.

Pretty Textures Collection

Pretty Textures Collection

Enhance your photographs with this selection of Photoshop Textures designed to add pleasant and evocative elements to any picture.

These Textures will transform and frame your subjects so that they take on a spectrum of new appearances. You can imagine your pictures dappled by the light through trees, filtered through shifting clouds of many colours, or materializing in the mists of a spring morning.

There are 9 Textures to play with, each with varying degrees of color, hue, grain or gesture. Try them all out to see which will be best for your unique image.

Single Action 5.

Snow White Photoshop Action

Snow White Photoshop Action

One of the most popular Photoshop Actions in the store, the Snow White Action creates a magical and wintry feel. By lightening the skin tones, de-saturating the colors a little and adding a optional white haze, The key to great Actions is usually subtlety, not extremes, and this Action is the perfect example.


Collection 6.

NEW! Glass Overlays Collection

Glass Overlays Collection

23 Photoshop Overlays to create a gorgeous and ethereal glass overlay effect to your photographs.

Enhance portraits and hig fashion images. So many ways to use these overalays and takes only seconds to apply, If you havent tried out overlays before – then this is the right collection to invest in . Adding glossy and subtle hints of reflecting light gives images something extra unique. [/two_third_last]

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The Royalty Collection By Amanda Diaz Photography
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