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Yes. For both clients & photography students all packages are customizable and is catered to your specific needs. Please reach out with any questions. 

Can I customize a package to fit my needs?

From time to time I do offer photography mentoring when time permits. Normally if someone is interested I set up a quick call to find out what the person is interested in learning and if its something I am knowledgable in then from there we discuss moving forward. Mentorship rates start at $750 USD for a 5 hour session. 

Do you offer personal photography mentoring?

I am located in Alberta, Canada. I do travel for work depending on the location and job. If you are a designer or have product. there is also the option to ship items to me to be photographed and then they are sent back once the shoot is finished. 

Where are you located?

There is a common misconception that I only work with agency models, although a lot of my client base is models that are in need of building their portfolio, my work consists of a variety of clientele. Corporate, Couples, 40+, commercial and so on. 

Do you only work with Pro models?

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