Feminine Portraiture Small  Group Mentor Workshop May 18 & 19 , 2019 /  Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

Ready to take part and push your skills further? 

  Feminine Portraiture is a very specific style of photography and there is more to creating images like this than just having a pretty subject in front of your camera. There are things that you need to train your eye to look for, specific style of posing techniques, the colours that you use, the mood and setting etc.  Thats what this workshop is for, for those who would like to learn more about understanding feminine portraits. In this workshop I will go over plenty details on posing do’s & don’ts, styling and planning your own shoots, specific  editing techniques that go hand in hand with this special genre and more.

The 2 Day Feminine Portraiture Workshops is where I teach comprehensive, practical and useful  tips to students in a easy to understand manner. I also keep it to a small group – usually between 4-6 attendees. This way allows for a more relaxed environment, more time for me to have discussions while you’ll be able to get into it without feeling crowded out.

During this workshop you will:

  • Have plenty new images with many different looks that you can share on your portfolios, websites, blogs and social media;
  • Learn skills in using overlays, textures, retouching skin, color balancing and Photoshop actions.
  • More experience  shooting professionally and a deeper understanding of working with your subjects and understanding the language of the body


Prerequisites. Before registration,

Please make sure and read the following,

  • You MUST have Photoshop CS6 or later installed in your laptops. (no PS Elements)
  • During our editing portion, even though its not a must, it would be beneficial to use an editing tablet such as a Wacom.
  • In PS, it will beneficial to already know where basic tools are such as brushes, colour picker, selection tool, adjustment layers and so on
  • You Should understand Shutter, ISO, F/Stop etc with use of your camera.

Day 1

(approx 7 Hours with a Lunch break )

Lecture & Demo Shooting

  • Body Language. Going over all aspects from head to toe. We wont be learning so much static and structured specific posing. I will be going over all areas of the body and how you will train your eye to notice everything so that you do not get stuck posing your subjects trying to remember poses!
  • Models vs Regular Clients (Working with Both)
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Telling Visual Stories
  • Live Shoot – Watching as I shoot and Guide the Subject + Q&A
  • Understanding how to create the setting, mood as well as emotion in your subject

Day 2

(approx 7 hrs with a lunch break)

Shoot Day

Day One  will be very busy and physical so make sure to dress as comfortable as possible with proper footwear.

  • Shoot Outs- Small groups.  2-3 Students Per / Model
  • 2 Models will  be  on set with us for the shooting portion with 2 -3 looks each, which means you will be leaving with lots of images to update your portfolios and have a good mix/ variety in your images from this workshop
  • We will be shooting in some studio lighting as well as natural lighting.

"Day 3"

    Once the weekend has ended – I will be sending out some follow a long photoshop videos for editing techniques like beauty and skin retouch. Hair,  Colour, playing with actions  & Overlays (from The Daydreamers Lens) 

I had an amazing time at Amanda Diaz’ workshop! Her classes were relaxed, intimate, informative and inspiring.  I came away ready to push myself in new directions. Amanda is a down to earth person who makes you feel comfortable right away. Her team completes the experience. I am so glad I made the decision to attend-Charron BrockCharron Brock Photography

I learned a lot but if I were to name one thing, it would be working with professional models at the workshop. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to do that, so this was fantastic because they knew how to move, the choice of models was fantastic and I really loved that and learned more about working with them.

Toni Chowdry

Shutter Tripper Photo

One of the things that I really wanted to do was beauty/ portrait work that was fashion inspired with full makeup, hair and so on. I feel like Amanda had a really good choice of models and styling for this, so just being able to work like that and see it with the lighting and such,  has really helped.  Beauty style photography has been difficult for me, its a very specialized form, so thank you for having that as a segment.

Kristin Gyokai


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